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Are there any other aspects to OCD?

From years of helping people with OCD, I have noticed that there are often, not always, other things going on alongside OCD. 


People often have low self-esteem, perfectionism traits and high levels of self-criticism.  That is why I have developed a more integrated approach using CFT and ACT alongside CBT to help with these other parts of OCD.  You may also become depressed by trying to cope with all this on a daily basis.  

I have noticed that my clients often feel ashamed, guilty, not good enough and dangerous.  My clients often try to keep their OCD secret in case others think they are mad or might think badly of them because of the content of their thoughts. 


Don’t forget, a thought is a thought, it does not mean anything.  It is the meaning that we attach to our thoughts that is part of what keeps OCD going.

A man with Low self-esteem and OCD thinking negative thoughts as written on window. Jane Watkins is a specialist in treating OCD online using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for OCD, along with CFT and ACT.
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