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Jane Watkins specialist in treating OCD Online using CBT along with CFT and ACT


I am Jane, a fully BABCP-accredited CBT Therapist. 

I now live in the Highlands of Scotland, after moving more than 700 miles from Kent, near London, about 4 years ago. 


I live with my two beautiful Irish Red setters and 2 Maine Coone cats!  They all love the beach and endless countryside walks available here. On a personal note, I am dyslexic, I was diagnosed very late and so have a good understanding of how this can affect our sense of self-worth and cause struggles and how we can be judged when we have a label.


I have been working in Mental Health for nearly 2 decades! I started as a mental health Nurse in the NHS working with children and their families in CAMHS (Children and Young Peoples Services).  Services for young people was a very therapy-based environment and certainly the part I loved the most about it.  It felt a natural progression for me to specialise in therapy, which I have done, for about the last 9 years.  

I believe that I am privileged to be a therapist and share the remarkable journeys that I take with all my clients. Coming into therapy takes bravery and strength.  In our work together we will explore the patterns of behaviour that you have formed to cope with life.   We will, together, understand where these behaviours (some helpful, some less so) and responses to thoughts have come from.   

We will then work to develop more helpful coping strategies to enable you to live a more contented and happy life.


I work to empower clients to live a life that is authentic for them, through evidence-based, compassionate, meaningful, and tailored therapies in a safe therapeutic space.


If you are interested in my “CV”, please click on the link below.

Jane Watkins specialist in treating OCD online using CBT along with CFT and ACT OCD Therapist CV


I did my specialist training at the Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London

Jane Watkins specialist in treating OCD online using CBT along with CFT and ACT OCD Therapist
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